Chicagoverse 130 - Rich Jones

Following his debut interview in summer 2016, Chicago songwriter Rich Jones makes his return to Dynasty Podcasts, in a chat recorded at Virgin Hotels.

The artist delves into his recent release Vegas, and how the city of Las Vegas served as the backdrop for the project’s creation. Jones recalls the process of crafting the record with accomplished musician (and Dynasty guest alum) Ryan Lofty, following the pair’s long-running talks about working together one day.

Jones also speaks on the motivation for pursuing a more pop-driven sound on the record, with him and Jaime Black expressing their mutual appreciation for unabashed pop music.

(Via Katie Levine)

(Via Katie Levine)

Chicagoverse 129 - Brent Butcher (These Days)

In an interview recorded at Virgin Hotels, These Days co-founder and attorney-at-law Brent Butcher chats with Jaime Black on Dynasty Podcasts.

Butcher reveals how he hit a ceiling with how much he could accomplish on his own at his previous site Go ILL, and speaks on how the team dynamic of These Days opens up new storytelling possibilities. The writer also shares the thought process behind These Days producing long-form journalism, at a time when most digital content is becoming shorter, faster, and less in-depth.

Chicagoverse 128 - Femdot

Chicago MC Femdot makes his Dynasty Podcasts debut, in an interview recorded at Virgin Hotels.

The artist reveals what it’s like to be recognized for his music as a current student at DePaul, as well as sharing his reasons for staying enrolled, instead of dropping out to commit to music full time.

Femdot delves into the strategy behind his numerical-themed EP releases, and speaks on the work going into his forthcoming full length, Delacreme II. The MC also shares the excitement he felt being part of the Fake Shore Drive x Red Bull Sound Select holiday show in December 2016, and how he grew up looking up to The Cool Kids.

Chicagoverse 127 - Alex Fruchter (Closed Sessions)

Longtime Dynasty Podcasts guest and peer Alex Fruchter of Closed Sessions returns to the program, following his last interview at SXSW 2016.

Fruchter delves into the team dynamic of the Closed Sessions artist roster, as well as the vision he shares with CS co-founder Mike Kolar.

The label founder also speaks on the growth of Chicago's music scene over the last decade, and the challenges that come with being a documentarian of the city's music culture.

Finally, Fruchter reflects on his work as an instructor at Columbia College, recalling the notable talents who have that have taken his classes, including Saba, Thelonious Martin, and Lili K.

Dynasty Podcasts Seeks College Interns For Spring + Summer 2017

Dynasty Podcasts, the first ever and longest-running music podcast in the City of Chicago's history, is seeking college interns for spring and summer 2017 in the following areas:

Booking: Identifying, scheduling, and managing guests for Dynasty Podcasts interviews and live events. Organization skills are a must.

Audio: Recording and editing podcast sessions. Familiar with Garageband, ProTools, or equivalent recording software.

Live Streaming: Producing live stream on Facebook Live and other platforms. A.V. experience a plus.

Video Production: Recording, producing digital video content. Familiarity with iMovies, Final Cut, or equivalent filming software.

Graphic Design: Designing Dynasty Podcasts' flyers, promo visuals, and more. Familiar with Photoshop or equivalent graphics software.

Social Media: Producing, managing Dynasty Podcasts' social content for sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Digital Media: Producing, managing Dynasty Podcasts' digital content for platforms like iTunes, YouTube, Patreon, and more.

In many cases, contributors would be working alongside other Dynasty Podcasts producers. Interested college student candidates should send a resume and work samples to Jaime Black via the Dynasty Contact form. This position is for spring/summer 2017, with potential to become ongoing.

Chicagoverse 126 - Dan Polyak x Lucy Stoole (Queen! @ Smart Bar)


In an interview recorded at Gman Tavern in Wrigleyville, Lucy Stoole and Dan Polyak talk all things Queen! @ Smart Bar.

The pair each reveal how they got their start in the creative industries. Polyak in the wake of the pop punk explosion, creating designs for acts like Cobra Starship and Fall Out Boy, and Stoole, seeking out a performance medium and community that would best fit her. The duo also discuss the importance of house music in elevating the atmosphere at Queen!, as well as reflecting on the legacy of Smart Bar as a venue.


Chicagoverse 124 - David Drake (So Many Shrimp)

Noted music writer David Drake visits Dynasty Podcasts at Virgin Hotel to provide insight on his extensive music journalism career.

Drake reveals how his music writing was born out of a desire to showcase artists and scenes he didn't see represented in mainstream music journalism. The writer also speaks on the importance of music criticism, and why he prefers to write reviews over interviews and profiles. Finally, Drake speaks on returning to the podcasting format with his So Many Shrimp Radio program, featuring interviews and DJ mixes with innovative hip hop talent.