Dynasty Podcasts Is Seeking 2018 Interns

Dynasty Podcasts, the first ever and longest-running music podcast in the City of Chicago's history, is seeking college interns for 2018 in the following areas:

Booking: Identifying, scheduling, and managing guests for Dynasty Podcasts interviews and live events. Organization skills are a must.

Live Event Production: Helping activate and produce live podcast events in the form of panels and workshops. Includes collecting email, running merch, and more.

Video Production: Recording, producing digital video content. Familiarity with iMovies, Final Cut, or equivalent filming software.

Graphic Design: Designing Dynasty Podcasts' flyers, promo visuals, and more. Familiar with Photoshop or equivalent graphics software.

Social Media: Producing, managing Dynasty Podcasts' social content for sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Digital Media: Producing, managing Dynasty Podcasts' digital content for platforms like iTunes, YouTube, Patreon, and more.

PR: Publicizing Dynasty Podcasts projects and live events, and managing community and media relations.

In many cases, contributors would be working alongside other Dynasty Podcasts producers. Interested college student candidates should send a resume and work samples to Jaime Black via the Dynasty Contact form. This position is for winter/spring 2018, with potential to become ongoing.

Chicagoverse 173 - CYN

In a call from LA, singer-songwriter CYN dials in to Dynasty Podcasts. The artist discusses how she pivoted from studying management informations systems to moving to LA, and recalls that she grew up with the expectation of a more traditional career path.

CYN also shares how she first connected with Katy Perry, and reveals what was going through her head the first night they met, with CYN playing piano for Perry in the superstar's living room.

Chicagoverse 172 - Adrienne Gibbs

Accomplished journalist Adrienne Gibbs visits Dynasty Podcasts to share her story on how she got started writing, a journey that saw her choose to attend Northwestern University over Harvard.

Gibbs speaks on what keeps her based in Chicago, and reveals why she loves covering Chicago figures and culture. She also reflects on her time as a writer in miami, and speaks on notable features she's written about Chance The Rapper and Andrew Barber of Fake Shore Drive.

Chicagoverse 171 - Musa Reems

Chicago MC Musa Reems visits Dynasty Podcasts to share his thoughts on getting signed to Columbia College Chicago's student record label, AEMMP Records. Reems also speaks on his perspective on not only being signed at Columbia, but also being a student at the college, as well.

The artist also discusses getting support from Closed Sessions' Alex Fruchter, both at Columbia, where Fruchter is an instructor, and via Fruchter's music blog, Ruby Hornet. Reems reveals MF Doom as an early influence, and delves into coming from the Austin neighborhood on Chicago's west side.


Chicagoverse 170 - Daniel Kisslinger x Damon Williams (AirGo Radio)

Chicago broadcasters Daniel Kisslinger and Damon Williams of radio show and podcast AirGo visit Dynasty Podcasts to delve into all things broadcast, podcast, and Chicago music.

The radio and podcasts hosts speak on their respective broadcast backgrounds, with Williams offering insight into his political activism work, as well. The duo reveal how the AirGo project first came together, with the pair wanting to create a community driven conversation showcasing Chicago talent, which brought them to WHPK 88.5 FM, University of Chicago's college station. Williams and Kisslinger also shed light on the production process in publishing an episode a week, and speak on the strategy they've utilized in achieving longevity.


Chicagoverse 169 - MFn Melo

Rising rapper MFn Melo makes his debut on Dynasty Podcasts to discuss his new MeloDramatics project. The artist reflects on the multi-year journey to write, record, and release the record, revealing that the album went through multiple drafts before arriving as a final and finished statement.

Melo also speaks on the origins of Pivot Gang, revisiting the early days of himself, Saba, and Joseph Chilliams as The Rally. The artist talks on the friendly level of competition within the Pivot Gang, and recalls how the group's first post on Fake Shore Drive marked a turning point in Pivot's journey. Finally, Melo discusses the upcoming John Walt Day concert event on Saturday, November 25th at the House Of Blues, where the Pivot family will remember the late John Walt.


Chicagoverse 168 - Corbin Reiff

Chicago-based music writer Corbin Reiff returns to Dynasty Podcasts, following speaking on last year's Breaking Into Professional Music Journalism panel.

Reiff delves into his newly released book, Lighters in the Sky: The All-Time Greatest Concerts 1960-2016, which chronicles the most legendary live performances ever. The writer reveals how he conducted research and gathered firsthand accounts about legendary concerts going back decades, including getting to connect with none other than The Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen. Reiff and host Jaime Black also bond over their love of Kanye West and Nine Inch Nails, geeking about the live theatricality of the former, and marveling at the transformation of the latter over the last three decades. Finally, Reiff revisits the concert event that turned him onto live music, and reveals the one concert he'd attend if he had one time machine opportunity.


Chicagoverse 167 - Greg Buissereth x Justin Cuttington (SocialWorks)

Greg Buissereth and Justin Cuttington of SocialWorks make their Dynasty Podcasts debut, to delve into the story behind the youth empowerment charity.

The duo speak on the spirit of altruism and the personal challenges that led to the creation of SocialWorks and a desire to pursue selfless endeavors. Cunningham and Buissereth also reveal how the passing of Brother Mike Hawkins led to the launch of OpenMike youth poetry series, and share how Chance The Rapper helped take the project to the next level, legitimizing SocialWorks as a charity organization early on.