Chicagoverse 225 - Shannon Shreibak (Metro x Smart Bar x GMan Tavern x Liner Notes)

Director of publicity at Metro, Smartbar, and GMan Tavern Shannon Shreibak visits Dynasty Podcasts to talk about telling the stories of the historic venues and developing bar!

Shreibak reveals how she first became part of the Metro family, and speaks to why working in music is her passion. She also discusses the Liner Notes speaker series at GMan Tavern, featuring Chicago's music community opening up about the albums that changed their lives.

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Chicagoverse 224 - Ian Mallers x Sean Mallers (Strip Mall)

Brothers Ian and Sean Mallers, professionally known as music video director outfit Strip Mall, make their debut on Dynasty Podcasts!

The brothers reveal how they got their start as filmmakers, and reveal how Kevin Smith inspired their work. The duo also speak on working with Chicago talent like Appleby, Ajani Jones, Femdot, Manwolves, and more.

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Chicagoverse 223 - David Chang (swggrbck)

DJ-turned-photographer David Chang, aka swggrbck, speaks about his creative career in Chicago nightlife!

Chang speaks about his time as a DJ in the nightlife group Regulators circa 2012, and reveals what inspired his transition into music and culture photography work. Chang also looks ahead at his ambitions in producing video, and reveals the lengths he'll go to to get the perfect shot.

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Chicagoverse 222 - UG Vavy x Skinni Hendrix

Chicago artists UG Vavy and Skinni Hendrix share a joint interview and both make their Dynasty Podcasts debuts!

The rappers both reveal how each of them got their start in music, with UG also speaking on his work as nurse and how he balances both parts of his life. The duo also reveal plans for an upcoming rock collaboration between the two of them.

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Chicagoverse 221 - Stan Sono

Stan Sono makes his return to Dynasty Podcasts, this time as a solo artist!

The musician returns to the podcast after original visiting as part of the mysterious Goodbye Tomorrow music collective. Sono speaks on branching out as a solo artist, and reveals how his individual work differs in tone and execution from Goodbye Tomorrow.

Sono also discusses his experiences recording in LA, and how the West Coast has offered a new wealth of opportunities for his musical career.

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Chicagoverse 220 - JBro Bugatti

Chicago rapper JBro Bugatti makes his Dynasty Podcasts debut to speak about his beginnings as an artist, preview new music in the works, and discuss coming up and now working alongside the PVTSTCK crew.

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