Chicagoverse 212 - Real Friends

Jaime Black checks in with Kyle Fasel from Tinley Park's Real Friends, following a surprise listening party for the emotional rockers' new album, Composure.

Fasel delves into the motivation behind holding multiple listening parties for the new record in one day, in an effort to facilitate personalized interactions with fans. The bassist also speaks on why taking personal time between recordings and tours is so important for the well being of the individual band members, and how mental health factors heavily into the lyrics of Composure.

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Chicagoverse 211 - Monique Doron (Riot Fest)

Graphic designer Monique Doron makes her Dynasty Podcasts debut!

The visual artist reveals her DIY beginnings of her work as an artist, and shares how she first connected with Riot Fest, where she would go on to do graphic design for the festival. Doron also speaks on what it's like to be part of the tight-knit Riot Fest organization, and discusses just how much work goes into activating a festival of that size.

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Chicagoverse 210 - Falyn Huang x Shamis McGillin

In a joint interview, Chicago creatives Falyn Huang and Shamis McGillin visit Dynasty Podcasts to speak about their individual projects and their creative partnership. Huang discusses her journey as a photographer, and how her freedom as a student at SAIC helped her discover her voice and realize her vision. McGillin offers advice for creatives feeling stuck or like they have limited tools and resources, and shares how he overcame obstacles in his own career.

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Chicagoverse 209 - DJ Step

DJ Step, the resident DJ for the Chicago Fire soccer team, visits Dynasty Podcasts to talk about his road to becoming a DJ, and how Chicago scene greats like Matt Roan and E6 helped train him. Step also reveals how he first connected with the Chicago Fire, and speaks on why Chicago music is so important to him.

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Chicagoverse 208 - Austin Brown

Music journalist Austin Brown makes his Dynasty Podcasts debut!

The writer visits Dynasty Podcasts to talk about them career in music journalism. Brown delves into the differences between the culture scenes in Austin, TX, where they hail from, and in Chicago. The writer also speaks on the challenges that come with working in media today, and offers them advice to anyone looking to start a career in journalism.

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Chicagoverse 207 - Jack Larsen

Closed Sessions signee Jack Larsen makes his Dynasty Podcasts debut!

The artist talks about his bedroom pop beginnings, and how those brought him to the making of his recent Push-Ups EP, which dropped in May. Larsen also speaks on connecting with Chicago's Closed Sessions label, after taking classes at Columbia College Chicago with label head Fruchter, and how his music marks an expansion in genre for the label.

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