Chicagoverse 197 - Drama

Na’el Shehade and Via Rosa of Drama make their Dynasty Podcasts debut!

The musical duo speak on their path to making music together, and reveal the moments that cemented their creative bond. They also discuss the importance of analytics and their ambitious plans for international touring, in addition to sharing details on new upcoming projects.

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Chicagoverse 196 - The Boy Illinois @ SXSW

The Boy Illinois returns to Dynasty Podcasts in an interview recorded at SXSW 2018.

Illi speaks on the impressive amount of music he has set to be released this year as both albums and mixtape. The artist also speaks on his work as an eighth grade music teacher, and how his experience and perspective benefit the students in his class.

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Chicagoverse 195 - Rebecca Brunner @ SXSW

Rebecca Brunner returns to Dynasty Podcasts in an interview recorded at SXSW 2018.

Brunner speaks on her journey over the last year, going from graduating from Columbia College in Chicago to a run on the fall 2017 season of The Voice. The artist reveals what it was like being part of a televised competition, and the secrecy that came with filming over the summer. Brunner also previews her plans for her own solo music, and speaks on the differences between working as a musician in Chicago and LA.

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Chicagoverse 194 - Anna Agosta @ SXSW

Singer-songwriter Anna Agosta makes her Dynasty Podcasts debut in an interview recorded at SXSW 2018.

The artist reflects on her SXSW 2017 trip, and lays out her plan for this year's edition of the festival. Agosta also speaks on moving from Michigan to Chicago for her music career, and discusses her collaborations with fellow local talents Ajani Jones and Iris Temple. The singer also speaks on her role in managing her own career, and reveals how she got to perform during a Bulls halftime show.

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Chicagoverse 193 - Drea (Vibe Dealer)

Longtime friend of Dynasty Podcasts Drea Smith, AKA Vibe Dealer, returns to Dynasty Podcasts for an in-depth examination of her various lives as an artist.

Smith recalls her time in acts like He Say, She Say and PYYRAMIDS, and how both bands impacted her journey as an artist. Smith also speaks on how she's seen the music business overall and the music culture in Chicago change throughout her time as an artist, and reflects on how an injury that sidelined her as of late was actually a blessing in disguise.

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Chicagoverse 192 - Emily Blue

Multi-faceted artist Emily Blue visits Dynasty Podcasts debut. The singer-songwriter discusses branching out on her own, beyond her work in acts like Tara Terra, and how she needed to be a solo artist to tackle more personal subjects in her songwriting. The artist also talks about the toll of living in both Chicago and Champaign, IL at the same time, speaks on the making of her colorful "Rico Acid" video, and previews new music on the way.

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