Chicagoverse 135 - Nico Rud (Chicago Creatives)

Chicago journalist Nico Rud takes a break from interviewing talent for his Chicago Creatives site, for his first time being interviewed anywhere, on Dynasty Podcasts recorded at Virgin Hotels.

Rud recalls being introduced to punk and graffiti culture through the Internet back in the days of Myspace, before experiencing it firsthand once he moved to the city. The writer reveals how he originally covered fashion culture via Instagram, before expanding to showcase a wider range of talent via his Chicago Creatives work.

Rud recalls how the site was inspired by a potential Joe Fresh Goods interview that never ended up happening, and speaks on the creative process that has gone into publishing over 100 interviews. The writer also reflects on the interviews that inspired and impacted him, and shares the story of a noteworthy creative project with Chicago photographer Elise Swopes.

Jaime BlackComment