Chicagoverse 137 - Tiffany Walden x Morgan Elise Johnson (The TRiiBE)

Chicago journalists and multimedia producers Tiffany Walden and Morgan Elise Johnson visit Dynasty Podcasts at Virgin Hotels to speak on their new site, The Triibe.

Walden and Johnson speak on the origin of the site, and how they wanted to change the narrative around the black experience in Chicago. The journalists share how The Triibe aims to explore the human cost of the violence in Chicago, going deeper into the stories that get sensationalized in the national media.

Walden and Johnson also weigh in on the time and energy that goes into launching and maintaining a DIY media operation, and share plans for The Triibe to be a platform for black organizers and activists. Finally, the pair go into detail on one of the site’s more popular articles, The Moment You Realize Kanye Is In The Sunken Place, leading to a discussion on the state of Kanye West in 2017.

( Johnson, far left, and Walden, middle. )

(Johnson, far left, and Walden, middle.)

Jaime BlackComment