Dynasty Panelcasts - The Making Of Lollapalooza With C3 Presents!

In a panel recorded at Mosaic Marketing in Fulton Market in Chicago, the team from Austin, TX-based C3 Presents sit down with Dynasty Podcasts host Jaime Black to reveal how the Lollapalooza festival comes to life. The panelists delve into the logistics of activating the annual lakeside festival, from acquiring permits to brand partnerships, to the rise of live streaming, and managing relations with the festival's myriad of artists. Featuring Tami Blevins (Sr. Artist Relations Manager), Sam Elkin (Sponsorship Operations Manager), Lindsey Sokol (Festival Director), and Daniel Gibbs (Video Director).

(L-R: Lindsey Sokol, Sam Elkin, Aly Ehlinger, Tami Blevins, Daniel Gibbs)

(L-R: Lindsey Sokol, Sam Elkin, Aly Ehlinger, Tami Blevins, Daniel Gibbs)

Dynasty Podcasts Seeks College Interns For Summer + Fall 2017

Dynasty Podcasts, the first ever and longest-running music podcast in the City of Chicago's history, is seeking college interns for summer and fall 2017 in the following areas:

Booking: Identifying, scheduling, and managing guests for Dynasty Podcasts interviews and live events. Organization skills are a must.

Video Production: Recording, producing digital video content. Familiarity with iMovies, Final Cut, or equivalent filming software.

Graphic Design: Designing Dynasty Podcasts' flyers, promo visuals, and more. Familiar with Photoshop or equivalent graphics software.

Social Media: Producing, managing Dynasty Podcasts' social content for sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Digital Media: Producing, managing Dynasty Podcasts' digital content for platforms like iTunes, YouTube, Patreon, and more.

PR: Publicizing Dynasty Podcasts projects and live events, and managing community and media relations.

In many cases, contributors would be working alongside other Dynasty Podcasts producers. Interested college student candidates should send a resume and work samples to Jaime Black via the Dynasty Contact form. This position is for summer/fall 2017, with potential to become ongoing.

Chicagoverse 142 - Joe Bogdan (Columbia College Chicago)

One year after his first Dynasty Podcasts interview at SXSW, Columbia College instructor Joe Bogden returns to the podcast during SXSW 2017.

Recorded after his SXSW Music panel with Kevin Lyman of the Warped Tour, Bogden offers insight for young creatives who are looking to break into the live event industry. He also shares strategies on how students can start building their creative industry career before even graduating college.

Chicagoverse 141 - Ty Howard (Fake Shore Drive)

In an interview recorded in Austin, TX during SXSW 2017, Ty Howard of Fake Shore Drive makes his Dynasty Podcasts debut.

Howard delves into his role behind the scenes at the popular hip hop site, and reveals how he first connected with FSD founder Andrew Barber. He also shares advice for new and aspiring music bloggers, as well as sharing insights on how artists can get themselves noticed by blogs and other industry. Finally, Howard speaks on Fake Shore Drive’s weekly radio show on Eminem's Shade 45 SiriusXM station, and hints at plans for FSD’s ten year anniversary.


Chicagoverse 140 - Chuck Anderson (NoPattern x Havas)

In an in-depth interview recorded at Virgin Hotels Chicago, Chuck Anderson, AKA NoPattern, makes his Dynasty Podcasts debut.

Anderson delves into his history as a creative in Chicago, from discovering underground cultures across Wicker Park and Clark and Belmont in the ‘90s, to working at Threadless early on. He reveals what brought him back to Chicago after heading to New York, and speaks on the meaning of the moniker NoPattern.

Anderson also speaks on his personal and professional approach to Instagram, and expands on the philosophies behind the work and people at noted creative agencies Havas and The Annex. Finally, the accomplished visual artist offers his advice for creatives still developing their careers.

Chicagoverse 139 - L.A. VanGogh

In an interview recorded at Virgin Hotels, L.A. Van Gogh makes his Dynasty Podcasts debut. The artist reveals how he was motivated to begin rapping after being told he didn’t have the skill for it, and looks back at his 2016 release, Friends First. VanGogh also speaks on conquering writer’s block and his safeNsound project, and shares details of his forthcoming full length project. Finally, the artist reveals the one book he recommends to any creative.


Chicagoverse 138 - Malcolm London

In his debut interview on Dynasty Podcasts, activist, educator, and musician Malcolm London delves into balancing all of his interconnected roles.

London speaks on the role of Louder Than A Bomb in his training to become a poet, as well as his father’s influence in learning about activism. The artist also reflects on the human stories of Chicago’s oft-lamented south and west side neighborhoods, as well as looking at how the city’s vibrant music culture is making a national impact. Finally, London delves into his debut full length OPIA, including the importance of recognizing his family and closest friends on the album’s closing track.

Chicagoverse 137 - Tiffany Walden x Morgan Elise Johnson (The TRiiBE)

Chicago journalists and multimedia producers Tiffany Walden and Morgan Elise Johnson visit Dynasty Podcasts at Virgin Hotels to speak on their new site, The Triibe.

Walden and Johnson speak on the origin of the site, and how they wanted to change the narrative around the black experience in Chicago. The journalists share how The Triibe aims to explore the human cost of the violence in Chicago, going deeper into the stories that get sensationalized in the national media.

Walden and Johnson also weigh in on the time and energy that goes into launching and maintaining a DIY media operation, and share plans for The Triibe to be a platform for black organizers and activists. Finally, the pair go into detail on one of the site’s more popular articles, The Moment You Realize Kanye Is In The Sunken Place, leading to a discussion on the state of Kanye West in 2017.

(Johnson, far left, and Walden, middle.)

(Johnson, far left, and Walden, middle.)