Chicagoverse 138 - Malcolm London

In his debut interview on Dynasty Podcasts, activist, educator, and musician Malcolm London delves into balancing all of his interconnected roles.

London speaks on the role of Louder Than A Bomb in his training to become a poet, as well as his father’s influence in learning about activism. The artist also reflects on the human stories of Chicago’s oft-lamented south and west side neighborhoods, as well as looking at how the city’s vibrant music culture is making a national impact. Finally, London delves into his debut full length OPIA, including the importance of recognizing his family and closest friends on the album’s closing track.

Chicagoverse 137 - Tiffany Walden x Morgan Elise Johnson (The TRiiBE)

Chicago journalists and multimedia producers Tiffany Walden and Morgan Elise Johnson visit Dynasty Podcasts at Virgin Hotels to speak on their new site, The Triibe.

Walden and Johnson speak on the origin of the site, and how they wanted to change the narrative around the black experience in Chicago. The journalists share how The Triibe aims to explore the human cost of the violence in Chicago, going deeper into the stories that get sensationalized in the national media.

Walden and Johnson also weigh in on the time and energy that goes into launching and maintaining a DIY media operation, and share plans for The Triibe to be a platform for black organizers and activists. Finally, the pair go into detail on one of the site’s more popular articles, The Moment You Realize Kanye Is In The Sunken Place, leading to a discussion on the state of Kanye West in 2017.

(Johnson, far left, and Walden, middle.)

(Johnson, far left, and Walden, middle.)

Chicagoverse 136 - René Marban

Chicago photographer René Marban makes his Dynasty Podcasts debut, in an interview recorded at Virgin Hotels.

Marban reveals how his photography work started connecting with an audience once he began shooting musicians, and looks back at how touring with The O'My's taught him how to be a professional creative talent.

The photographer also speaks on his work with street wear brand Modern Notoriety, as well as hinting at future aspirations as a DJ and producer. Finally, Marban recalls how he first connected with Chance The Rapper, delving into detail on how he connects with and contributes to Chance’s operation.

Chicagoverse 135 - Nico Rud (Chicago Creatives)

Chicago journalist Nico Rud takes a break from interviewing talent for his Chicago Creatives site, for his first time being interviewed anywhere, on Dynasty Podcasts recorded at Virgin Hotels.

Rud recalls being introduced to punk and graffiti culture through the Internet back in the days of Myspace, before experiencing it firsthand once he moved to the city. The writer reveals how he originally covered fashion culture via Instagram, before expanding to showcase a wider range of talent via his Chicago Creatives work.

Rud recalls how the site was inspired by a potential Joe Fresh Goods interview that never ended up happening, and speaks on the creative process that has gone into publishing over 100 interviews. The writer also reflects on the interviews that inspired and impacted him, and shares the story of a noteworthy creative project with Chicago photographer Elise Swopes.

Chicagoverse 134 - Dennis Larance

Chicago photographer Dennis Larance visits Dynasty Podcasts in an interview recorded at Virgin Hotels.

Larance speaks on his impressive photography portfolio, found at @ddesigns_ on Instagram, and reveals how he eventually found photography after initially attempting a number of other creative pursuits. The visual artist reveals his reasons for utilizing orange and blue hues and lighting as his photos’ trademark look, and shares how he found tonal inspiration in Netflix’s Stranger Things series.

Larance also shares what he’s learned from creating content at Havas Chicago’s millennial focused operation The Annex, and passes along tips for fellow creative industry freelancers.

(Via Ryan Chun)

(Via Ryan Chun)

Chicagoverse 133 - Sahar Habibi

Rising DJ talent Sahar Habibi makes her Dynasty Podcasts debut in an interview recorded at Virgin Hotels.

A one time Columbia College Chicago student of host Jaime Black, Habibi speaks on her impressive trajectory in the music and nightlife industries. The DJ shares how she built her network by attending concerts and nightlife events, by herself if she had to, and how she took the initiative to introduce herself to artists and industry alike.

Habibi also recalls connecting with Soulection co-founder Andre Power at SXSW, and how that led to getting involved with the high profile DJ collective, including a role assisting with Soulection’s Beats 1 program on Apple Music. Finally, Habibi offers her take on alternating between Los Angeles and Chicago as a base of operation, and the advantages that come from working in each city.

Chicagoverse 132 - Kevin Coval

Chicago educator, writer, and poet extraordinaire Kevin Coval returns to Dynasty Podcasts, in support of his new book, A People's History of Chicago. Over the course of a half hour, Coval and Dynasty host Jaime Black go deep in their love of all things Chicago history and culture, including co-reading the closing poem of A People's History, ‘Chicago Has My Heart.’

Coval speaks on selections from the poetry book, including passages on everything from underground Chicago talent like Molemen, to Chief Keef’s legendary performance at Lollapalooza 2012, to looking back at a less problematic time for Kanye West.

The writer also reflects on the heartbreak inherent in so many of Chicago’s stories, in addition to speaking on his plans to perform in all 77 of Chicago’s neighborhoods in 2017.

Chicagoverse 131 - Fei Tang

In an interview recorded at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago, Chicago nightlife professional and culture photographer Fei Tang returns to Dynasty Podcasts for his first solo interview.

Tang checks in following the conclusion of his onsite PortaiTour portrait photography event, which attracted photography talent from across the globe. The DJ speaks on how his photography pursuit grew as a result of visiting foreign locations while on tour with Chicago nightlife operation Porn and Chicken.

With the support of PNC’s Dom Brown and Orville Kline, Tang developed his passion and skill for creative photography, and started connecting with Instagram communities. Tang outlines the similarities between the current wave of self-taught photographers, and the wave of bedroom DJ’s who taught themselves how to mix, and speaks on his sizable Instagram presence via @theimaged.