Chicagoverse 245 - Elia Einhorn (Fashion Brigade x Talkhouse Podcast x Pitchfork Radio)

In an interview recorded at Dynasty Podcasts Studio in Pilsen, Elia Einhorn makes his Dynasty Podcasts debut. The multi-talented creative speaks about his many roles in the creative industries, from frontman of 2000s Chicago indie darlings Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, to producer and host of both the Talkhouse Podcast Network and the Pitchfork Radio series, to his solo work under the Fashion Brigade name, and more.

Einhorn recalls Fashion Brigade’s beginnings in the wake of Scotland Yard Gospel Choir’s 2009 bus accident, and speaks on the long road to completing Fashion Brigade’s finally-released debut album, Fvck the Heartache. He also speaks at length about the state of podcasting in 2019, as well as sharing the goals and creative direction of the Talkhouse Podcast’s programming.

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Jaime BlackComment